Introducing Revved

Welcome to Revved, the CarGurus’s engineering blog where we share with you the complex challenges we’re overcoming and how we’re constantly innovating. We think our complex challenges are interesting, and if we are successful we hope you will too! In this blog you will get to hear from our engineers, product managers, data scientists, analysts and everyone else in the company that plays a role in bringing transparency to the car market.

At CarGurus we are motivated by a strong sense of collaboration. We embody this principle in our daily jobs and we want to likewise apply that to the tech community as a whole. We are highly motivated to contribute to the tech community’s knowledge pool by offering detailed content on learnings from our technical team. Whether it be our experiments with bleeding edge technology, journeys into machine learning and AI, data normalization, feature extraction, integrations with good/bad/awful enterprise systems, or simply an opinionated piece on tabs vs spaces, our diverse team of talent will share stories of success, failure, happy coincidences and everything in between.

So sit back and buckle up as we pull the pull the throttle on our surprisingly complex work from the people building the country’s largest automotive shopping platform.

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