Third Quarter Open Source Funding

Welcome to the third round of funding by CarGurus Open Source Fund! Each quarter, we give away over $20,000 to open source projects and organizations that are instrumental to the engineering effort at CarGurus. ​

Projects we’re funding this quarter (third quarter of 2019)

This quarter, CarGurus engineers nominated the following new projects for the open source fund to contribute to: ​

  • AdoptOpenJDK: AdoptOpenJDK is a response from the Java community to changes in Oracle’s licensing terms. They provide certified builds of the OpenJDK projects so that organizations that want to continue using Java are able to do so without the massive financial costs associated with Oracle’s JDK.
  • Core-JS: Core-JS is a JavaScript library that’s behind 99% of our polyfills, so it is on every page of the CarGurus website, and probably will be forever.
  • PyPI: Python package index is the package repository for most Python packages, which CarGurus engineers make use of for our data analytics and data science.
  • Ruby Together: The community that funds Ruby projects such as Bundler and RubyGems, which are fundamental to our engineers coding in Ruby.

​ Based on voting results from engineers, the following projects will also continue to receive funding from the open source fund.

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Babel
  • CNCF
  • FreeBSD
  • Git
  • GNU
  • Homebrew
  • OpenSSL
  • Pandas
  • Python
  • Webpack ​

Highlight Project: AdoptOpenJDK

​ This month’s highlight goes to AdoptOpenJDK.

CarGurus runs its core applications and services on the Java platform. The Java ecosystem provides us the necessary tools to handle the increasing complexity and performance needs of our business. In 2018, Oracle announced significant changes to licensing for its JDK distribution. CarGurus, like every company using Java, found itself having to react quickly.

AdoptOpenJDK made transitioning from Oracle’s JDK towards OpenJDK for production use straightforward and uneventful. It provides well-tested and compatible pre-built binaries from OpenJDK for which it leverages the necessary infrastructure, build and test scripts. It provides users the options of choosing from the OpenJDK HotSpot VM or the Eclipse OpenJ9 VM. All the binaries and scripts are available under open source licenses.

​ CarGurus has transitioned its existing infrastructure in different regions to using AdoptOpenJDK binaries. This transition has been seamless. This has also facilitated our ability to easily upgrade Java. As we’ve expanded our use of containers, our trust in AdoptOpenJDK’s binaries and images has made it a natural choice to build upon.

​ As this quarter’s highlighted project, we gave AdoptOpenJDK a total of $10,000 to show our appreciation for their great work.

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